Other Stamps

Egg Stamps

The uses of stamps are endless! Did you know that egg stamps are used to leave a clear mark on eggs without harming the precious shell? A thick foam layer is used to soften the impact so that the impression will be firm but not too hard.

Specialised egg marking ink can also be used for the safety of eggs. A handy way to label eggs with their unique code, these stamps can also be used to put a company logo on the eggs to make sure people know which farm they came from.


QR Stamps

Quick Response Codes (QR codes) are frequently used as an easy way to get audiences to view a website. The codes are readable by scanners or downloadable smart phone apps and direct the viewer to an intended webpage.

QR stamps are a quick and inexpensive way to add a QR code to stationery or any other print material, saving valuable time and avoiding the need for reprinting. Stamps are quick and easy to produce from a high quality jpeg of a QR code or by simply sending a URL to a stamp manufacturer.



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